should we hold baby on hand at all time?

My girl (3+ years old) is very lazy to walk. She likes to be carried, especially with grandma who likes to carry her since she was a baby. I don't like to "help" her walk. Do you think keep carrying a baby on hand will become a habit when they turn to toddler? Or I should have carry her even more so the result will be different? any mum has experienced this before? and what was the result when they turn older ?

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My son always like to carry tell me his sleepy. 3y + too. Weight 15.5kg. I told him I can't carry anymore at age 2y +. Even if I carry, it is not more then 5 mins. because he is getting heavier... And doc advice not to carry heavy weight etc explaining to him. We usually we will take a stroller out or ask him ride his balancing bike.

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5y ago

he is very understanding ! My daughter also trying to understand my situation, always says "ok loh...", but shows me her very disappointed/upset face. make me feel like she is so poor girl.😒

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I think it depends on the personality of the child. My husband turned walking/running into little games and challenges for my daughter to encourage her to do them, and it worked like a charm. Heh. Now my daughter can walk really long distances.

5y ago

thanks thanks! this is a good idea too. i always stress her in good and bad way. lucky she is 3+yo can understand me now. haha. I used to tell my MIL, but she cannot do it. She treats her grandchildren like always the little one never grow up. i was so stressful last time when my LO had started to learn crawling and so on. End up I rather brought LO out don't stay at home. Now my 2nd child is 3 months old. I think stressful is around the corner again. 🤔

Hi, It really depends on child to child but I would suggest you start encouraging your daughter to walk with some easy games etc. This will engage her and will also help her in going away from carrying gradually

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She will grow out of it eventually. However, it is super tiring for the adults who are carrying her.

5y ago

do you think this will affect their personality? I have this kind of thought that if walking also needs help, when do anything might be very easy to ask for help too. give up easily.

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Ya, carrying may bcame habit. Talk to her, she need to self Walk

She’ll grow out of it over time