Should we carry baby up when they cry in the cot?

Hi All, recent research say is good to cuddle baby when they cry and this is the best time to build the close bond with them. Baby will turn to distress if we let them cry till tired and this affect their development. On the other hand, many has rebuked this theory and say baby will have more dependency and they will always know we will carry them always when they cry in the end we will suffer. Any opinion on this ever debating myth? I feel dilemma and my own stand is I don carry but my mother in law differ and will carry once baby cry. Thanks!

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a baby, especially newborn is still getting used to the outside world. it's terrifying for some. imagine you were being protected in a nice and warm environment for almost 40 weeks, but then one day you were struggling to get out and overwhelmed with the lights, sound, sight, smell and taste if a totally different environment, won't you feel scared and alone? a baby feels that way, hence we will always try our best to make them feel safe, and comforted. crying til they stop on their own definitely break the bond. cuddle n kisses last only for a short few years before they don't even wanna be hugged. enjoy the precious first few years, both you and your child :)

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my pleasure Alvin :)

It is important to pacify a crying baby. The baby cries when in distress, and if you don't pick her up, eventually, the connection between crying and help to come is broken. This can lead to some emotional detachment when the baby grows up.