Gynae advised not to carry toddler (19months old now) as im 7months into my pregnancy and i feedback there's tightening in tummy. Any other mummies facing this too? Im already training my toddler to hold hands to walk together and not carry all the times. But there are of course times when she wants to be carried n not walk on her own. If my hub or mum around, of course they can help. But there are times when she just cries for mummy.

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I experienced tightening and slight pain during my 2nd pregnancy. Sometimes for nothing I even feel sharp pain when i sit down or stand but i still continue to carry my back then 19mths toddler(boy) until i delivered. Now pp 3mths. Probably i would suggest u nt to carry ur toddler for too long, like just carry her awhile and let her know you are uncomfortable get her to walk. Try not to carry her and walk for more than 10min. If experienced sharp pain, immediately put her down and sit down to rest. Don overstrained urself. Happy pregnancy :) U will miss the time with no1 while pregnant, though its very tiring and tough.

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better try to explain to your toddler, eventually she will understand. Don't underestimate them, they actually very smart. My daughter understand exactly what I tell her but she only talked about it to her daddy, not to me.