Do you get pimples when you have a period?

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No, I do not get any pimples now. I mean once in blue moon, there can be a zit or two but not specifically after the periods. I am past 35, so I do not think I will have to deal with pimples anymore. :)

Yes. Though, I am 38 now, I wonder why I get them. But then read somewhere that during this age too women get pimples because of hormonal changes in their bodies.

Recently, yes. Dati hindi naman. I don't know why, there are times na meron and may times naman na wala.

Yes. For the longest time, hindi ako nagkaka pimple even may period. But lately, laging meron.

Sometimes, I do. I noticed it depends on my work load too and hours of sleep during that period.

Few days before dumating ang period naglalabasan na ang mga pimples natin. fact naman yan e.

Yes, especially if my period is almost near. It's a hormonal thing in us women.

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Yes, nagkakapimples ako sa may baba ko, minsan din sa cheeks.

Sobrang bihira. And paisa isa lang. Before period ko.

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Yes, sa temple area lagi ako nagkaka pimples every time.