Is confinement nanny a must?

FTM here. Wondering if it’s a must to hire a confinement nanny. Will hubby and I be able to manage alone without help from MIL/ mum/ confinement nanny? Our parents stay pretty far from us so I’m not quite keen to trouble them.

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Gonna be FTM here too in 1 month time. Also gonna manage without CN. Too expensive and difficult to get and we prefer to take care of our baby in our own ways. Current arrangement worked out is my husband & I will take care of the baby while my mum will be helping me on my recovery (herbal bath, some light chores and cooking if needed, and secondary help). She is old and I don’t want to burden her with caring for the baby. I will order weekdays confinement tingkat and she will cook for me only for weekends. We engaged part time helper from helpling for cleaning and chores every biweekly. Most important is your husband - if he is prepared to be hands on at least for 1 month that would be great help.

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If you dont mind paying than good to a 2nd time mum both time its just me taking care n hubby helping occasionally. Its very important to make sure you hv some help from family or friends. You will be very tired n sleep deprived. Also if you hv normal delivery you heal faster but if u hv emergency c sect you will definately need help. If u take confinemt lady at least she can help you with cooking,cleaning n taking care of baby for 1 month.

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me as ftm too. without the help from both parent and no engage nanny. but we did ask grandma come over to guide us for that 1st month but we are fully hand-on. I also breastfeeding my child at that point of time. Now my girl 20months old alr and me and husband still surviving on our own. I would suggest u go online watch more video and read up to guide u along if really no guidance from the start. Jiayou mummy💪🏻!

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tbh i think is hard esp for first time parent. having help will be good. further more after delivery it took my 3 weeks to getbetter and have less pain while moving around. so is practically very difficult to takecare of baby on the 1st few weeks. if given the chance i would have op for confinement nanny. inatead of just help from family.

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ftm here too! no parents on both sides to ask for help. me&my husband had also decided to take on the challenge ourselves! 😊 it is our first time so why not try, never try never know! but of cos it depends on individual. you may want to speak to your husband. Good luck mummy ♡

FTM here too. Didn’t engage nanny. We took turns to care for the baby. I do morning shifts while hubby does night. It’s like a routine so it’s actually alright. Only thing you need to fret about is probably your confinement meals if you don’t intend to order. :)

Didn't hire nanny as the cost is just plain ridiculous. Me n hubby took care of LO ourselves n it's very manageable to us but it differs for everyone of course. Now we're expecting our 2nd in a few weeks n our 1st only turns 2 in 2 months 😬

Not a must. CN fees are too ridiculous especially during cny period. My spouse and I took care of the baby while my mil helped with household chores and some meals. Ordered tingkat confinement meals too.

It’s not a must if you have good family support at home. However for me, it’s a must.

not a must as unprofessional CN can be a burden can consider order Confinement Tingkat