Star nanny confinement

Hi anyone here have hire nanny from star nanny confinement? May I know how is the nanny services? Thanks #Cl #confinementnanny

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Very bad experience. Nanny got issue with the agent and keep instructing us to send specific messages to the agent, and nanny force us to write review for her bef she leaves- who will write bad reviews when she’s still around in the house?? Basically, this agency has poor or no control of the nannies. The nanny i had from them always insist on her way and will scold us if we do things diff from her.

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1y ago

No wonder.. 🙄

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I hired nanny from Star confinement! The nanny really take care mother and my LO 👍👍


I think I just read a post in mummy FB group today regarding the bad experience.