Can we do without a confinement nanny? Please share if I missed out any consideration?

Can we do without a confinement nanny? Both my mom and mother in law are willing to help out with the baby during confinement. For confinement meals, we hope to order confinement meals. We are considering not have hire a confinement nanny as we are uncomfortable with someone else handling the baby and staying with us. What are some consideration before we decide to hire a nanny or not? Thanks for any input and advice!

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For me, I cannot do without a confinement nanny. Mum/MIL can help out, but what about night duties? Moreover, they are older folks, the physical strength and energy to take care of newborn is no joke. And what if halfway they give up and leave me all alone to take care of baby? Also, I want to rest at night so I want the nanny to be there. Nanny can teach you things about baby (ie: bath, recognising day and night, lengthen milk feed). Also, confinement meal & meal Cook by is different. I ordered the confinement meal before and feel is not as good. Ultimately it’s ur choice &’comfort level too

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I had my first baby with no confinement nanny nor any help from mum/mil. Cause i told myself that i can do it on my own ( save $ on confinement nanny and not putting burden on my mum/ mil) It can be done! But your husband must be willing to help ( IN EVERYTHING ). I even did my own confinement. But looking back, I’ll definitely get a confinement nanny. Shag! Hahaa

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It’s possible not to have a confinement nanny . For my 1st child , my mil helped me with the meals and housework . While I solely take care of the baby on my own . And it worked out just fine 😉 . U also save $ 😆. Have faith in urself 💪🏻

9mo ago

do u have to pay ue mil for her help as i am just curious...

I am also not having a confinement lady as we dont feel comfortable to have a stranger in the house I guess when you have, u can rest better n can learn also? Tats what my friends keep telling me.

3y ago

i see! thanks for sharing!


Not getting CL. my mum will help a bit while hubby will settle the housework. to make things easier i am paying for confinement catering though

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Most important plus point for CN for me was the night shifts. Parents / in Laws May not be able to handle the sleepless nights.

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yes, I did with out them I got 2 weeks help from my cousin

if both mil n ur mum can cope at least more safer