Ftm. How does it feel to be a mother? I mean i have heard about it so much from moms i know. Read about somewhere. I know about the difficulties and the sacrifices you have to make for your kids but it baffles me still. How does it really feel? How difficult? How much sacrifice are we talking about? Any realisation so far? This may be a stupid question to some but I’m going to be a mother soon and I don’t feel like I am strong enough to handle this enormous responsibility . I guess I’m looking for something to give me courage. After all motherhood is a lifetime job I feel I’m not ready for. Please help.

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It is really challenging and difficult to be a mom.We can never explain how does it feel. Just pray to God once you feel like your down and not okay. And believe me once you see and hold your baby its gonna be worth all the pain and sacrifices.