My friend is pretty well off and buys branded stuff and goes for exotic holidays. My husband doesn't earn that much and we can spend very frugally. This makes me sad and jealous. I am getting more irritable due to this reason. Help me out..

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Never compare your lifestyle from other people,No one is perfect.Instead of getting jealous please count all your blessings💜
you don't what problem they are actually facing in their life. when u will get to know inside story of theirs I am 100 percent sure u will say mine is better
The thing is if you feel sad that you should stop looking at them. Enjoy your life and somehow you will find your life is even better, a loving husband, a stress-free life etc.
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Don't compare your lifestyle with your friend. Be thankful of what you have and focus on the simple things that will make you happy like playing with your kids or going to the park. Or save something
Choose to be happy para sa friend mo. Kasi kung ipagpatuloy mo yan, baka magalit kpa sa friend mo. Which is not good. Lucky ang friend mo kasi na aafford nya mga branded stuffs churva, and you, you a
I don't really understand this but somehow I found this is true enough haha