Pregnant @34 weeks

I am more angry then sad . Need something to rant? My mood is all mixed up. I am angry suddenly my husband tell me that tomorrow he will goes and play soccer with his friends after work. Normally he will tell me in advance and I am fine. So I sound angry and replied him that “this is too much “” “cut down ur soccer”. The reason why I have said that is because few months back it’s like a weeekly thing .. then stop . Then now suddenly let me know TMRW he will have soccer . Why I am so angry? Actually I should be resting and don’t bother right. I don’t want to probe this as I don’t care already. Just do whatever he wants . I am 34 weeks and I need my rest. Back of my mind, can he accept if I suddenly said TMRW after work I will meet my friends. (We have a toddler that goes to childcare but my in-laws fetch after school thing) Pls let me know why I’m so angry .

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It could be just hormonal changes. Furthermore you are at your last lap hence you feel tired (I assume) and you have a child. So basically after CC, you still need to care for your child. Maybe you can speak with him and let him know to minimise his activity when needed esp during this last lap. However, don't be angry. Sometimes, as a parents we need our own me time. If you were to hang out with friends, I guess it will be fair too if you were given the green light. I mean once awhile why not? Away from spouse and child just for hours. Just set a limit to your spouse that if this next time happened he should inform in advance before saying it last minute. This is to be fair and not controlling his movement.

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10mo ago

Normally he would let me know in advance, but surprisingly this time round I was told like 1 day b4.