Gestational diabetes pregnancy at 27 weeks 4 days .

First time sharing my thoughts.... I am first time mum to be. Took my glucose tolerance test and result was bad :( before fasting 4.2 mmol/L after 2 hrs 11.7 mmol/L Feeling really emotional overwhelming. I thought all is well. I did not gain much from the day one 54kg till now 59kg 159 tall. And now : Dr recommended putting me on a strict diet for 1 week and checking glucometer for 3 meals so pricking 6 times - before and after meal . Just want to hear other mums out there how did u all manage when u found out this? Am just feeling really down...... .........

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I cried for 2 to 3 days coz i felt i am not one who take alot of sweet stuff and mine could be diabetes before pregnancy. My 1h sugar was 12.x and 2h was 11.x like u! Dun be discouraged, be glad its a 1 wk strict diet. For the past month i had pricked myself 6 times (smtimes even more). The 1 mth make me lose my weight from 57.4 to 55.2 coz i didnt take any rice n lesser carbs i guess. And gynae called for this test at wk 20 due to the sugar in my urine. Thankfully my avg mthly glucose dropped the past mth. Jiayou!! Oh and i am still pricking even though i was told i could skip some days 😂. So i take one before breakfast and the rest after meals..

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2y ago

Np! Same boat 😂

emo whenever need to eat for my two pregnancy.. have to find alternatives to fill my hungry tummy all the times. hate the pricking every Sunday 7x and recording of meals for gynae to check. so I tend to eat lots of meat, egg and veg, all with less sauce... only perk of this diet... baby gain weight but not me.. I only gain 8kg for both preg. immediately slim down within a week...

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Im pricking 7x a day for 2days in aweek It so stress til i cry 😢. I have GD since week 15 & now im at week 29😢 even til today I still have to check n submit the report to the nurses n doctor.

2y ago

Ur doc doesnt start u on insulin? My gynae pre-empt me that i may nd to start on insulin the last round. So i was lucky the endocrine doc didnt said i nd even thou she suggested to me over the phone before as shes worried im controlling too much.

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Just control your diet.. watch out for sugars and carbo intake.. exercise abit whr u can.. be more positive ok.. i had for 3 pregnancies with GD and they all thrive well.. all the best

thanks mummy out there 🥰 . today feeling better but slowly getting use to the process and hoping I pass this 1 week test . stay safe and thanks once again for sharing 🙏

2y ago

Glad you r feeling better now. :)

for your health, strictly follow ur gynea instruction. try to eat small portion but more frequent. The most important is u can get rid of this after ur delivery.