High Blood Sugar After Birth

I was tested with gestational diabetes during pregnancy and ever since then, I was under strict control diet with exercise throughout my entire pregnancy. No medication or insulin was prescribed to me and I had my blood sugar monitored on a daily basis. However, I've just given birth 2 weeks ago and initially my fasting blood sugar was 4mmol before the first meal of the day (for the first few days after birth), then it kinda jumped to 5.8mmol today for fasting result and just had my confinement meal 3hours ago (brown rice, veggies & salmon fish with gravy) and it was 7.2mmol. Couldn't exercise as I just had a c-sect. My next Ogtt test is scheduled on end of Feb this month. Is it normal for blood sugar to not go down immediately after birth? How long does it usually goes down? I delivered my baby at TMC and surprisingly they did not monitor my blood sugar, not even a single test was taken during my entire stay there despite that they were aware of my condition.

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I also control my sugar level via diet and exercise. I cant exactly remember my sugar level after giving birth. But I remember that the nurse would come in and prick my finger to test for the blood sugar when I was warded the 1st 2 days after delivery. And on the 2nd day, they told me my blood sugar is ok and no more checks until my ogtt.

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Hi there i also got GDM and still monitoring my sugar. Its just that people say our blood sugar normal range during pregnancy is different after we deliver our baby. My OGTT is this feb as well.