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Hello mummies. Am currently at 29 week 3 days. I went to KKH ODAC as my Blood test after glucose tolerance test was borderline and they took it as i have GDM. I have to prick myself 2 days every week 7 times. According to the glucometer result guide, my sugar level have been in the safest side. Mind you i was eating clean strictly. And then received a call saying that when they see the results its not favourable. So i have to the diabetic tablets. What does this mean? This is stressing me out like wth they want me to do? I eat clean, eat fruits that are recommended and strictly on Mineral Water. I’m so annoyed like what else am I supposed to do? Give me a break. #advicepls #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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I was having same problem during my pregnancy last year. I attended to dietitian and follow instructions to control my diet so strictly. yet my glucose self test results after meals still always exceed 6.6...i follow doctor's instructions to take medicines, but the result still not good despite dosages kept increasing. I understand ur stress. I was really fed up too. What I can suggest is follow the doctor's instructions to take medicines while monitoring the diet to identify ur "safe food". My body react funny to some food that dietitian suggest. So no choice I hv to avoid those food. Cut down on carbohydrates (I can only hv 6 spoons every meals). Eat more meat and vege to make urself stay nutritional. Not many fruits are allowed for me... Guava and apple(not sweet one) are my best friends during that period of time. It's not easy. But it will over. Doctor suggest to deliver baby around week 38, so u are counting down to it... So long the baby is healthy. All the suffering worth the effort.

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I was borderline GD as well I’m on strictly no carb no sugar diet and the result is all in the safe range. I even lost weight during my 3rd tri when I start this diet. Then the dietitian ask me to eat more carb because I didn’t gain weight enough (my breakfast daily will be 3 slides of whole grain bread kosong, lunch and dinner will be purely meat and veg - mix of green veg and carb veg like potato or pumpkin, etc. fruit I try to avoid the sweet ones and follow the serving allowed) . I’m 34w now and I gained about 5kg in total. It’s super boring to be on this diet and nobody like the weekly fingers pricking. Just try to hang in there for you LO. Just few more weeks to go! 💪🏻

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I was also diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks. After that tested for 2 days per week, 7 times per day. Doc reviewed readings at week 31 & asked to continue diet control & do some exercise. Am walking 20 min after every meal, controlling diet but even then some days my post dinner numbers are high 😔 Deciding what to eat is such a big problem now, already having food aversions. Doc didn't ask for any medicine for it yet, may be after next review.

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Chill. I was diagnosed with GDM at week 20. So all the time till i deliver at 39wk i didnt take rice (after i found out whatever i ate also shoot). Managed to control the level at times but there was no nd for me to take tablets. However… it turns out mine wasnt gdm.. it was just diabetes

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Relaxxx.. just keep up with what u are doing.. as long as u keep within the good range on the meter should be ok..