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As a first time mother, do you advice to buy formula milk first before delivery in case not enough breast milk? If so, what brand do u buy?

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Yes I initially wanted to do full bf, but didn't have much milk foe the first couple of days.! My milk only came in on the fourth day post delivery and it was a mad rush to buy fm before baby comes home. Can standby a small tin. My baby didn't finish the 400g tin and I ended up drinking haha

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I didn’t buy but after delivery and I wasn’t producing milk yet, the hospital asked for my permission to give her FM. I agreed. They gave her Similac and I gave this brand to my LO till she’s about 3 months old.

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I didn't get it until I was discharged from hospital and when my daughter shows sign of dehydration. I consulted my gyane and PD for the brand. So the PD suggested HA formula and my gynae suggested Aptamil.

I suggest that u don’t buy first l... if really ur bm is not enough for bb, hospital will inform u and provide u a sample... if baby is ok with that formula milk then u buy back the same brand

I always have formula on hand in case of emergency. Bought s-26. Better to have in case low milk supply or milk comes in later. Else u have to rush to buy

I bought after discharged from hospital as baby was starting to show a sign of jaundice. So I knew that baby was not having enough bm. I got NAN Optipro HA.

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I bought whatever the hospital gave my baby. Both my newborns happened to have jaundice and so needed the top up milk to help with the dehydration

i follow the hospital gave when they feed my baby

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Yes do get a small tin first...You can try Nan

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I bought a small tin of similac to standby.