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In the case where our breast milk has yet to produce after birth and going back home, do we formula feed our baby? Do i need to prepare 1 tin of formula milk in advanced before my EDD? And which brand is good for newborns. I scared if i dont buy in advanced then baby wont have anything to drink when back home. Or even when otw from hospital. #advicepls #firstbaby

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You can do mix feeding while building up your bm supply. No. Buy after you give birth, can go NTUC and get during discharge. The nurses will offer a few choices for you to choose (formula), if baby is okay then stick to that brand :) I used Nan Optipro HA.

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You can buy after baby is born. For me I used the brand which hosp gave my baby- S26 gold. Subsequently we changed to Enfamil gentlease as it’s more gentle on baby’s stomach and cause lesser constipation.


samples from hospital... some bb r easy... any brand also ok but some r not so easy-going... so may not like the brand initially bought... in any case, wish u all the best in ur breastfeeding journey 💕

You can decide which one to buy in hospital. I use HIPP organic formula milk. It can be fed on demand

I follow what was given to my newborn by the hospital, S26 fm

Good to have one for standby