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Hi! I started drinking Anmum since my 7th week of pregnancy. It has been going well and doesn't affect my morning sickness, but I have noticed that recently, it makes me feel sick. I am almost done with my morning sickness as I am at 15th week but whenever I drink Anmum, it will trigger my morning sickness so bad. It makes me throw up everything I eat and the tummy ache is making it worse. I tried a little experiment for the last 3 days, I stopped drinking anmum. The result was, I seldom vomit and morning sickness was laying low. Now, I tried to drink it again. Just one glass and I feel like I'm back at my bad episodes of my morning sickness. I got LBM, I vomit a lot, I feel that the food is just in my throat that is ready to go out at any trigger, and I have stomachache. Is it really possible that my body doesn't want Anmum anymore? It's such a waste because we recently bought 3 boxes of it. 😢

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I'm sorry to know your current situation. But after those episodes of morning sickness did you visit your OB about it? Maybe you should try different milk brand that suits you.

4y ago

I did told her about my morning sickness condition. Ang sabi nya lang is "tiisin ko lang muna" kasi daw kapag lumala pa, baka mapilitan ako maconfine sa hospital. With this pandemic going on, the last place I want to go is the hospital. Kaya nga sa clinic lang ako nagpapacheck up eh. 😔