For Filipinos parents living abroad with their kids, do you think it's true that even when you implement strict Filipino values at home, your child will inevitably grow up to be like who they socialize with? Common example: Filipino kids who flew to US will grow up to become "liberated," as others would often say.

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Yes, I do think that their peers can really affect how a child ends up becoming. But that applies anywhere, whether in the Philippines or in the US. If you have a healthy relationship with their child and practice open communication, that would help grounding him/her in good values.

It really depends on the kid and the family dynamic. What's important is to reaffirm the core Filipino values, so that regardless of the outside influence the kid gets, the Filipino values will always be there, regardless if the kid becomes liberated or not. :)

It depends talaga sa bata. Yes correct peer pressure will be a huge factor so train your child kung sino ang mga dapat nyang sinasamahan. Fellow pinoys I think will be ideal.

It depends on how the values are taught/instilled. If they really understand your family values, they will not be influenced by their friends or society.

Peer pressure is really a huge factor affecting teens, but I believe it still depends on how strong is the foundation of the child.