my baby keep vomit milk in large volume

Baby everytime drink milk, hand , leg and body if exercise himself or when he is burping. He will vomit in large volume. Or later on during sleep. This is worry me, as sometimes will choked and worry he will choke when i fall asleep or away

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As far as i know, I think your baby is overfed. Babies doesn't know that they are already full and tend to overfeed. My children were also like this. But over time i've managed to know when they are full. Just avoid putting the baby after feeding to avoid suffocating if ever they puke the milk. Hope this helps..

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Tiap kali lepas susukan baby tegakkan badan baby dlm 5-10 mjnit .walaupun dah burp xsemestinya susu x keluar semula dr mulut sbb perut baby masih kecik utk proses susu dgn cepat