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Hi, do you feel like frustrated sometimes? Because sometimes my daughter won’t eat or she will eat but she’ll finish her food for about an hour or two. There are time that I really get mad, not to my daughter but to our situation. Just like earlier she spit the food and water, so I tapped her mouth (not hard I just tapped it) and sometimes she won’t listen to me. By the way, I am a stay home for almost 4years now. I feel guilty because I am scolding and sometimes spank my 3year old daughter. ?

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If my Daughter doesn’t want to eat yet I just let her do other stuff and let me know when she’s hungry. If I force feed her when she’s not hungry it can take more than an hour to finish her food. When she’s hungry it barely takes ten mins. I also experiment with lots of new foods and always try to make 2-3 dishes for her at one time. So if she hates something I just swap it for something else. For example if making pasta, I do 3 different sauces. Pesto, red sauce and pink sauce and let her choose which one she wants. I eat the others

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