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Hi im a new mum and my LO is turning 3 months soon. I honestly love my LO but sometimes i couldnt help it to think about my past like how i use to be free from commitment, i can do whatever i want. I sometimes feel like going back to my younger days & just live there. I know being a mum is not hard, life itself is hard enough but i just wanna be away from my LO. I used to be a hustler everyday i would work & now i just cant wait to go back to work. Is it bad that i feel this way? My baby has her routines but when im feeling tired dad will take charge but he doesnt follow what i ask him to do & now i have to follow his way in order to feed my baby or put her to sleep. Its exhausting for me. I feel like he doesnt listen to me and my LO prefers him than me. I do certain things like just sit and rock her to sleep because when i get back to work my mum will be taking care of her & i dont wanna burden her carrying my baby just to make her nap or sleep. Ive read about postpartum blues & sometimes i feel that way. I cried and blame myself for asking god for a baby because ive been trying and i had 2 miscarriages before. Now i feel a little regret and when i feel that way i cried and felt guilty. When LO doesnt follow what i always do eg feeding or putting her to sleep i get frustrated and angry. Am i having baby blues? Please tell me im not alone. I still dont wanna sacrifice my life for my LO, is it bad i feel this way? Do i need help? #firstbaby #advicepls #pleasehelp #babygirl

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What you are feeling is unfortunately very normal and sorely not discussed about. It’s the process of being a mum. We have gone through so many changes.. mind body soul... it’s a new baby. And it’s a new you. Give yourself some credit. You are doing well mumma.. Rocking n holding your baby it’s the most beautiful thing they say it... u do not have to do it... but doing it builds a bond u both are there for each other

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For the same purpose to help mothers feel they are not alone I started my venture ... and know every new day will be a little bit better than the previous.. try to bath at nap time. Keep the door open. Use some fragrance soap Play some music And rush through the bath.. those few minutes too will feel like self love. And if u ever need someone to talk to reach out! Meetmumz is what I started.. that is what I hope to continue to help mothers not feel alone in this journey.