Am I being a good mum?

I monitor how much intake of milk, water and meals every single day for the pass 18 months, I will give my girl some Gerber yoghurt drops and some biscuits but not everyday. Recently she don't really want to drink water so I gave her pigeon apple juice and dilute with water, but my husband don't like me doing that. And for her porridge sometimes there is fish floss added and very rare will put dark soy sauce but my husband thinks all these are no good. It feels like I am a bad mum and not giving my girl the best, but all I want to do is encourage my daughter to drink more water and eat more porridge. Very tired.

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just do your best...nobodys perfect. Just let ur hubby talk you hear 1 ear in and 1 ear out. very soon she will be going pre nursery. she have to eat what the cook made for the day. I gave my daughter only organic food until she went pn ..than in school they feed her gardenia bread with jam...porridge with mince chicken or fishball soup. I just have to let my child go with the flow.

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