Been feeling angry?

Is there anything you feel angry about? And what do you do about these emotions?

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yes of course, but i don’t like conflict. so i try to tread carefully so not to hurt the other’s feelings. but in the process i hurt myself... i do exercise to clear my mind

More of annoyed whenever my dad dirty the kitchen. Always messy and I have to clean up cos I hate to see the mess. I just clean and make myself feel better.

People who didn't put on mask properly or didn't put on at all. Saw few even removed it when sneeze and then put it back. 🙄

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Talk about it to the person you're upset with and if you can't just watch a movie, read a book etc(:

people posting about their pregnancy craving on IG but I just dealt with my missed miscarriage

Yes have been feeling very angry. Nothing I can do just keep feeling angry

Yes Sadly I have to keep them bottled up

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People, regrets - move on lah