Water retention

Is it all pregnant lady will have water retention or neh?

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depend i guess... my 1st and 2nd nope but currently now my 3rd pregnancy after 3rd trimester start to have it but lucky not serious slight only as i working retail line need to stand long hrs.

I think depend. Cos for me I only have slight water retention on my feet during last tri, and sometimes don’t even have.

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I didn’t experience water retention while I was pregnant. I also drank a lot of water like minimum 3L per day.

Normally my feet will swollen after i have salty food… so i will try to cut down by eating healthier

Currently 38 weeks. No water retention but I heard sometimes it comes after labour. So let’s see.

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Okay la hopefully get to prevent from all this Insya’Allah 😬🤲🏼

For me I didn’t I get it during pregnancy. But got it after labour .

i had water retension after i gave birth, my leg like dinosaur

Nahh.. Not all pregnant mummies will have water retention. =)

mostly 1st pregnancy will get ..but depends also ..