Do you expect surprises from your hubbies on your birthdays and other special occasions?

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Haha Not anymore. We were never used to this kind of set up ever since, sad to say. During the first several occasions, I was looking forward to a celebration or any surprise, but voila! Lol I just learned to accept through time that he's not really that kind of guy. I've learned to practice no expectations, no disappointments. Although sometimes it still sucks, there's nothing I can do even if I have expressed my dismay toward this situation.

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No. He is not the type who would surprise you on any occasion. I got used to it na din although minsan nakakainis pa din isipin coz I no longer feel excited whenever my birthday is approaching kasi alam kong it's just another ordinary day. Kung gusto man mgcelebrate kami, I'll be the one to prepare, plan and treat out. haha

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No, hahaha! At nalulungkot ako dati. Pero now, nasanay na ako. lol. I told him one time though, but it's not his forte. But he expressed his love and greetings in different ways. We all have different love languages.

Of course. I often tell my husband that he's the only one who i should be expecting those kind of surprises from so he knows may expectations talaga ko pag ganyang mga okasyon.

Before, yes. But since our baby was born, I don't expect anything from him. But I admire him because she still gave me flowers and my favorite [email protected]

Dati nung first two years namin kasal. Ngayon hindi na. Minsan ako pa nagsasabi na huwag na bumili ng kahit ano.

Not at all. Haha For five years, he's been consistent na wala talaga. So ano pa iexpect ko hindi ba? Lol