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My ex hus hasn't seen the child almost 2 years. He left me and my child when she was only 1 years old and few months. My ex hus text me saying that he wants to meet my child. I don't know how my child going to react and I don't know what to do. I am so afraid, coz he was abusive towards me. My ex left us because he has a mistress, and all of a sudden he wants to meet my child as he only given twice a month visitation for 2hr only to see the child. (Supervised) Hmmm

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As mush as he did all that kind of thing to you. Did he still pay the maintenance money for your kid ? If he did then let him meet his daughter his the father. Your child got the rights to know who is her father. And by law you go to follow the courts rule. Dont be selfish towards your child, wtv the past is the past. Move forward and be a better mother for your daughter. make sure when your child meets her dad you are there with her at all times.

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