i just cant take plain water.

Everytime I try drinking plain water it juz cant stay in. N makes me feel more sick. I've read in articles that pregnant mum need to drink atleast 3 litres water. But the most I can is abt 1 litre water inclusive my milo. Only milo stays in for me. Anyone is sailing the same boat as me. Any suggestions what can I do??

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I feel you cus i wasnt able to take in plain water too. Like i suddenly hated it when i got pregnant. It made me throw up even. Just like you too, i only drank lots of milo cus it was the only drink i was feeling for. I had it once or twice everyday. Fortunately for me, i didnt have GD though. As i really hated water, I forced myself to take some sips of water, added lemon slices, had fruit juices, milo, etc to keep myself hydrated.

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I had the same problem throughout the whole first trimester until about 15weeks. I couldn't even drink a whole cup of milo in one shot without puking. What I do is I try to sip a few mouthful of water every once in awhile as drinking too much at a time makes me puke the water out.

Yes. First trimester i will vomit if i drink plain water. What I did was squeeze half an orange into the plain water and drink it. Drank milo too. It gets better once you enter second tri! Now i can drink more than 2litre of plain water a day so it’s really just during my first tri!

Same here. I try to drink super hot or cold water as room temperature water feels raw and makes me vomit. I also drink fruit juices and eat fruits that have a lot of juices. And drink lots of soup!

Me too. I used to love water.. but now i have to put honey in my water cos cant seem to take plain water.. but it helps for me.. i can drink it. Maybe u can give it a try?

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Is it first trimester ? Usually it would get better, my first trimester appetite is really bad too but gynae assure me baby is growing well.

same, during first trim I cant take room temp water, I tried warm water and it works. its soothing for stomach and it drives nausea off

Same too. I’ve been surviving on rose syrup for the last 2+ weeks. Just a bit of it to flavour the water so that it stays down...

Try honey water, infused water- I used berries or lemon & honey.

Try plain sparkling water! Maybe the gassy feel may help!