How do you get your toddler to drink plain water? My LO refused to drink plain water and only wants to drink Yakult or Milo.

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I'm not sure how old is your LO now but and I don't know who started him/her with those sweetened drinks in the first place. Other caregiver? If you never give he won't know that those drinks exist. I personally feel that children shouldn't start taking these sweetened drinks too early before they start learning how to brush their teeth. Maybe not below 2? Don't buy anymore yakult or milo anymore and offer only plain water from now. If LO is already big enough and you think he/she can have some yakult after meal then emphasize strictly that this is only after meal and that the rest of the day he/she should have e plain water. But for the time being for a few days don't give them first and monitor his /water intake. Try convincing

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Personally if it’s me, I will stop giving sweet drinks like milk... even yakult can be replace with plain yogurt. Anyway I hardly give other drinks to my LO except water since young so she will drink water happily without asking for other drinks. Now she is older, coming to 2 then will give her some juice occasionally.

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I don't know but luckily my daughter prefers to drink water like 16oz or more for a day. After she drinks milk she asks for a bottle of water. And she occasionally finishes choco drink or juices.. I don't know but maybe because when she was 6mos old i used to give her water after milk.

It is a habit. Try not to give them sweetened drinks too early as once they get used to the sweet taste they won't want plain water. Just have to be strict on this. Don't keep any yakult or milo at home. The only way out for this situation to be is just being very firm

No water = no Yakult and no milo. Drink water a bit then can drink ? Depends on ur child's personality and ur parenting style if u want to go hard at it or soft at it with praises and other rewards if he drinks his water

Simple. No other drinks at all. Just plain water. How old is your child? Different kids have a different level of stubborness in build in them. You may need to know and try different methods to see what works.

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Try to give your lo drink water dont buy yakult or milo to store at home. I didnt buy n let my kids drink only once a while.

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Drink more plain water infront of them instead of sweet drinks. And try not to introduce them sweet and colour drinks.

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