Hair Cut during pregnant

hi everyone. can we (pregnant women) cut our hair during pregnancy. I heard that(especially Malay culture), we cannot cut our hair for easy tight our hair after deliver the baby. it is true? i really want cut my hair because the weather is too hot lately & i feel uncomfortable with my long hair. i just planning to cut my hair just below the ear.

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i know how u feel. just think like this. if mat salleh can do and nothing hppn, i am sure we can too. afterall, shaving, trimming or waxing is kinda consider as cutting right? tak kan la kita kena jadi org utan with jungles on our legs, underarm and pubic area for the whole 40weeks..😂😂😂 so i think if u cut ur hair, it would be fine. theres no harm chemicals that can harm ur baby.

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4y ago

right?? i also think like that.. why we cannot cut our hair.. it is so hot nowadays and i feel very very uncomfortable.. thanks for your respond ❤

boleh.. sy gunting pendek smpai xleh ikat dh pun.. utamakn kselesaan. sbb tkut ruam2 pulak.. hihihi

4y ago