Hey, everyone! I'm looking for some recipes for Pinoy style spaghetti sauce. Suggestions/tips/tricks? Also if anyone has any tips for a good carbonara, please let me know! I'm still new in the kitchen so keep it simple, please!

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I must agree to the suggestion. FIlipino style spaghetti is known for it's sweetness thus one must do away with tomato paste or anything too sour like Italian kinda base or sauce. There are plenty of good Filipino style spaghetti sauces available in the market that you can choose from like Del Monte Filipino/ sweet style sauce, UFC spag sauce (just add a lil bit sugar cause I think it isn't Pinoyish enough lol) and there's Dole brand and a lot more. For carbonara recipe, I always go for this, super quick to prepare (less than 15mins) and ingredients are simple but not bad at all: http://www.delmonte.ph/kitchenomics/recipe/bacon-carbonara-pasta?utm_source=GOOGLESEARCH&utm_medium=SEARCHCPC&utm_name=HAVASDM_AO Good luck to your new hobby in the making! ;)

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Generally, the key for a good Filipino style spaghetti dish is to have the proper meat! Other than that, you can really just use tomato based sauce and add sugar accordingly! This page should help with you with further instructions and a full recipe if you're still a bit uncertain: http://panlasangpinoy.com/2015/05/24/filipino-style-spaghetti/

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this is interesting, Santiago! on top of that, i can also suggest that instead of sugar, use condensed milk. it'll make the sauce creamier and kids will love it for sure!