Hi everyone, I was just discharged from kkh. admitted on Monday due to contraction and was told cervix dilate 2cm already. However I'm only week 33 pregnant.. Any mummies can share what should I do to prevent contraction or prevent baby from coming out anytime soon? ?

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Strict bedrest. Only get off when you need to use the toilet to avoid putting pressure on your cervix. You didnt get proluton jab? I was on proluton jab weekly for 3 weeks due to my short cervix to avoid preterm labor and taking duphaston till now.

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Try not to walk so much, talk to baby, don’t eat too spicy food, drink more water. Drinking too little water can cause false contractions/ prodromal labour.

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Usually the gynae would prescribe Duphaston if they deem that the baby is too early to come out.

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I think you have to lay on the bed and limit your movement. Stay in bed as much as possible

When I was 1cm I was told to admit hospital and give birth the next day.

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Minimise movement, best to bed rest... talk to your baby too.

Hey, have as much bed rest as possible please

Bedrest, minimize movement, talk to baby

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Bedrest. Try to limit movements

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Hv ample rest