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Hello all, just went for my cervix check today (15 Oct) and doc said I’m only 1cm dilated. My EDD is on Monday (19 Oct) and was suggested by doc to get myself admitted for induction. There wasn’t any scans at all from my last one at 36 weeks where doc told me baby weighed 3.1kg. I’m really scared as I heard many stories that induced labour is so much more painful. Also it could be hours, days to weeks before I am fully dilated and it will not guarantee natural birth as well. Other than walking, squats, climbing stairs, rocking on a gym ball, having sex, what else can I try to help kickstart the contraction? As my heels are aching so badly from all the water retention and it hurts like hell walking Long distance or even standing. And I’d like to know how long did it take you to dilate from 1cm? #firstbaby

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talk to baby! your baby can hear you. also, try to relax. take a long cold (or warm if it's better for you) shower in this hot hot weather and RELAX. stress can REALLY hinder your dilation. also, trust your body. I went in the hospital after my water broke and was dilated 4 or 5cm before I know it. but everybody is different. if you really don't see any signs that baby is coming out, you might want to wait comfortably at home instead.

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