Hi everybody me trying to have a second baby for many years, but today I miss my period for three day but pregnant test is negative what should I do test again everyday or thank you.

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You can try testing again after 4 more days. Pregnancy test kit work by detecting the presence of hormone hCG in the urine. Within the first few weeks of implantation, the amount of hCG secreted by the woman’s body doubles every 48-72 hours. Hence, by 7 to 10 days after ovulation, a highly sensitive home pregnancy kit should be able to detect the hCG present in the urine. Therefore, one week after a missed period would be a good time to test.

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6y ago

Yes!! Hope that you will get some good news too!! All the best!! :)

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Yeah test in a few days. Wish you all the best. keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

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test in a few days! all the best to you mummy!

test in a few days! don't lose hope dear!


Give it some time before testing again

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Wait for a few more days and then test

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Try testing after a few days

Try a after a week