Late for period but tested negative

Hi mummies. I'm 8 days late and tested my pregnancy test like twice but not an early morning sample but it is negative. Any mummies had the same experience like mine? Is it possible for my period to come a bit later since my pregnancy test results are negative? I'm not trying for my second or is it just my hormone changing or stress or bad eating habits etc #advicepls #pleasehelp #firsttimemom #firstbaby

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hi. i'm usually late or early for my period. it's usually due to stress or my eating habits/exercise. if im really stressed sometimes i missed a whole month of period. but it came once i calmed down or destressed. if u're really concerned about being pregnant, please go to the doctor for a blood test instead of urine test. if not, just look out for signs of pregnancy. if there's none, look out for any changes in ur mood or diet/daily things that may cause the late period.

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