hi everybody, may i knw how to heat up the puree when i take out the puree from the fridge? heat up using warm water or need to resteam again?

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I use the bottle warmer, and sometimes microwave. But if you use the latter, it should be for a short duration.. and there may be hot spots.. so it needs to cool down completely (mix well too)

2y ago

I started with a few spoonfuls.. then gradually increased. For cereal, I started making about 30ml water worth of it.. then increased to 60ml. Now my LO eats a lot more, but she loves variety, so she gets a smaller portion of many types of food for each meal 😆 These are just some examples of meals my 8mo gets: Eg. Spinach and potato puree, baby noodles, yoghurt and prune puree, small grape flesh pieces Eg. Beef and veg casserole, carrot puree, baby cereal, baby bites biscuits Eg. Baby pasta, fish, apple and mango puree, mashed banana, Gerber puffs

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Normally steam unless the portion very little then will use warm water instead

Normally i prep fully cooked puree so when its meal times, I just warm it up over

2y ago

She is already 5 this yr. Lol. Previously when she was younger i gave her 1/3 of an apple as 1 feeding. Her has small appetite.


Normally i will steam.

Normally steam

Warm water

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