Hi i bought those organic puree. i left the remaining in the fridge. when the next feed do i take out abit to leave it to room temperature before feeding?

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Please use a warmer and warm it up, it's safer from building up bacteria too :) it's pretty fast even without warmer, use a cup of hot water and left it inside and warm up.

5y ago

It's like freezing, usually you freeze per portion you want feed each time like bm, re-warming re-warming will warm(cooked) away the nutrients. Hence good to separate the portion for warming up.

We will use warmer to warm the puree. And only warm the portion that your baby going to eat. once opened try to finish the whole bottle as soon as possible.

depends on your little one is how old.. if want.. can warm it like soaking in a cup of warm water

I use the steamer to warm up. Don't use microwave.