Lesser sleep

Ever since I have been taking care of baby at night, I have only sleep for 4-5 hours daily and having difficulty in falling back to sleep ?

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It's inevitable and common. Part and parcel of motherhood. I can tell you ever since I have children 4years ago, I had never have a good night sleep and proper meal time without disturbance. But should improve when the child grow older. They won't wake up for milk but perhaps nightmare, wet bed or etc. Of course all these can be delegated to domestic helper if some mums choose to take on that bochap path.

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Hey, I can understand. Try listening to some music or reading a book as this helps in sleeping. With time, it will get better

Its pretty normal sometimes i even get sad n bored at night I listen to music and read to put back myself to zzz

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It’s a transition period so keep calm and u will definitively get over it when your lo is older.

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Me too.. And I'm fear of baby's scream and cry especially at night..

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Yes it's normal but it'll get better as your baby gets older(:

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Yes sleep is so precious now. I can feel you

Same. Until got migraine

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I feel you!!!

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I feel you.