How many hours do you sleep a day during pregnancy?

I have been getting interrupted sleep since trimester 2 .. however I feel fresh despite sleeping 5 hours and auto wake up at 6-7 for nothing but I will go back to sleep for a good 2-3 hours .. is it considered ok?

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same, I usually sleep at about 12am, then wake up to pee around 3-4am. fall back asleep until about 6am, wake up again to pee then I cannot fall back asleep until around 7:30am or 8am.... so in total I sleep about 5hrs only. I feel very tired everyday like this 🥱🥱🥱 should be fine if you feel fresh! unless you feel faint or so tired and weak you cannot even do daily activities, speak to your doctor

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That's very gd alr. I've to wake up every 3- 4 hours to pee. And have to wake up at 5am to get ready for work. So only gets abt 4-5 hours of proper slp cz it gets so hard to sleep back aft woken up. but I still feel thankful at least cz I know once baby is born, having uninterrupted slp for more than 3 hours is gonna be so difficult! Sth I dread so much when my first baby was born 😭

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Why worry? If you get to rest, you’re overall feeling healthy, and baby is doing great, then relax. Don’t stress over it. The real sleep problem comes with the baby’s arrival. 🤣

I'm at week 12, I wake up throughout the night to pee, 4 times at times. now getting used to it. Tough at first. sleep before 11am and wake before 7am for work daily

At least you have good sleep. I cant get back to sleep once i wake up and i have another 7/8 wks to go now.. dunno when was the last time i slept well alr

it is still okay. treasure those moments before you hit the 3rd trimester :’) im 34 weeks now and its impossible to have a good sleep