Ever after having baby, my relationship with my Husband worsen. My Husband is a mummy's boy, and he consult to his mum for everything! Even if my LO can be fed or not! He always mentioned that his mum is very tired because his mum take care of our LO at night but I do not feel appreciated as I have to keep pumping for more milk for my LO. It doesn't help when I went back to work 2.5 months pp. we are on the verge of divorce now... :(

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I feel you and I can't stand mummy's boy too! It's sweet when a son is thoughtful to his mum but when personal or simple decisions that can be decided between husband and wife yet have to consult his mum that is too overboard... Or maybe you can place your baby in infantcare and insist to take care yourself at night so that husband will not keep on bringing up his mum's good deeds right infront of your face? For breastfeeding part, I would say take less expectation and ask yourself why you breastfeed? Is for the health of your baby's immunity right. Not everyone will understand why you do this so you must strongly understand yourself more than how other people understand you.

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