Ever after having baby, my relationship with my Husband worsen. My Husband is a mummy's boy, and he consult to his mum for everything! Even if my LO can be fed or not! He always mentioned that his mum is very tired because his mum take care of our LO at night but I do not feel appreciated as I have to keep pumping for more milk for my LO. It doesn't help when I went back to work 2.5 months pp. we are on the verge of divorce now... :(

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Sounds like your husband is a mommy's boy, sorry about that. Marriage is hard , and it gets even tougher after a baby comes along. Ask most of the mommies here and they will tell you the same. We all think with a baby the family should be closer. But no with a baby you actually find husband more irritating!! Mine is like that for sure. Not helping out much, always telling me things to do based on his mothers advice and a busybody mother in law. But take a step back and ask yourself if these are really reasons enough to make you divorce him. It takes a lot of compromised and acceptance to make a marriage work. At times when I feel like giving up on my marriage I will tell myself to focus on how he is trying to improve his behaviour and also for the baby's sake. Have you sat down and talked calmly with your husband about these issues? Don't expect he will change overnight but hopefully he does improve . It is impossible to change someone else anyway. Try to focus on his positive points? I really don't like his mother to be involved in taking care of our baby as I know Many conflicts will arise. If you can try to avoid having his mom take care of baby for you. For me i also consider to put baby in childcare after I go back to work. My mother in law even told other people that she can fetch my gal home from childcare next time so we don't have to rush back from work and she can cook dinner for us. I outright rejected this and told my husband. If conflicts cannot be solved then we have to avoid them as much as possible

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No you are not selfish. We all have our limits and for our baby we already sacrifice a lot. Living with his family and tolerating his mom. Yes we need to respect elderly and try to get along with them but frankly sometimes they are just too hard to get along with. A happy mommy makes a happy baby and a happy wife makes a happy family. Will you be able to move out on your own? There is no way I will want to live with my in laws because I know we will have conflicts and I will try to endure for pe