Ever after having baby, my relationship with my Husband worsen. My Husband is a mummy's boy, and he consult to his mum for everything! Even if my LO can be fed or not! He always mentioned that his mum is very tired because his mum take care of our LO at night but I do not feel appreciated as I have to keep pumping for more milk for my LO. It doesn't help when I went back to work 2.5 months pp. we are on the verge of divorce now... :(

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i think he is trying to be caring by asking advice from his mum, who he knows has already soem experience in raising kids. this is sometimes normal, and i am sorry that you guys are now on the verge of a divorce. have you discussed this with him? tell him you appreciate his concern and your MIL's help too but that there are some things that are disturbing you and that you need his love and support. be extra sweet and nice to him while talking about this. if this is the only issue you both have, trust me it can be sorted. baby will grow up in a few more months and then things will get better. if you two can be around for each other through this, the marriage wont end.

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