10 x epidural 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

I actually have a very high pain tolerance. But when I gave birth to my first child via C-section, when they injected the anesthesia into my back, it was so excruciating. The anesthesiologist told me to relax and stay calm. I was already super relaxed because I knew my pain tolerance was high. I could endure being pricked 1-5 times, but still no relief 😭 It was only after about 10 pricks in my back that the epidural finally took effect. Oh my! From being relaxed and calm to starting to scream, to eventually shouting and crying because I couldn't bear it anymore and was so frustrated with the doctor, why was it taking so long!? 😭😭 Even now, just thinking about it makes me angry 😭😭 After the C-section, I told my husband about the excruciating pain of the repeated needle pricks for the anesthesia, and when he saw my back, the bandage was huge, and when it was removed, the gauze was soaked in blood (ugh, just recalling this still hurts). Now, I'm traumatized by epidurals 😭 In several months I'll have another C-section, hopefully the epidural won't be as painful as the first one... Hopefully, the doctor will be more skilled. Has anyone else had a similar experience? And for those who have had epidurals that weren't painful, please share so I can feel a bit more at ease 🙏🏻🥺🥺

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Oh, mama, I'm so sorry to hear about your traumatic experience with the epidural during your first C-section. It sounds incredibly painful and frustrating, and I can understand why you're feeling anxious about the next one. I haven't had a C-section myself, but I can imagine how distressing it must have been for you to endure so many pricks before the anesthesia took effect. I'm sending you a big virtual hug right now. It's totally normal to feel anxious about the next epidural, but it's important to remember that every pregnancy and birth is different. Many women have had positive experiences with epidurals that weren't painful at all. I hope that hearing some of those stories will help ease your worries a little bit. In the meantime, have you considered talking to your doctor about your concerns? They might be able to offer some reassurance or even come up with a plan to make the next epidural as comfortable as possible for you. It's important to feel supported and heard by your medical team. Remember, mama, you're strong and resilient, and you've already been through so much. You've got this, and I believe that your next birth experience will be much better. Sending you all the positive vibes and best wishes for a smooth and comfortable delivery. 🌸🤗 https://invl.io/cll6she

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Hi mummy, I had a c-section and given birth to my twins last month. 1 injection on the spine and it took effect almost immediately. Everything was very quick, people there to calm you and make sure you are relaxed and comfortable etc. so I do recommend that you get a resident doctor who is popular in his/her specialisation as they usually with have their own team and are very experienced since it takes years to build their popularity and word of mouth. I had the procedure in SGH. Entire process was completed in less than 30 mins with all stitches done. No pain at all. Wishing you the best and a smooth delivery.

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My anaesthetist was so nice, calm and professional. She explained to me everything before she inserted the epidural. I couldn't feel anything much when she numbed the area before inserting the epidural needle. The entire process went smoothly and pretty fast. I gave birth at NUH and as a private patient.

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2w ago

I'm gonna give birth soon in NUH as a private patient. May I know what the name of your anaesthetist is? Thanks!

Hi there mummy! I can't imagine the pain that you had on that day. ☹️ I had two CS and both were okay, thank God! I hope and pray that you will not experience the same thing. Stay relax as much as possible. Think of happy thoughts and pray. All the best! ☺️

I gave birth at Mount E novena, where did you deliver at? It was hardly painful cos they give LA first too before the epidural.. but I heard from friends who did at public hospital who was more painful:( plus I don’t have high pain tolerance at all.

I am also a c section mom. I was so worried and afraid of the anaesthetic on my back but everything went smoothly without pain. Guess I was extremely lucky. Maybe voice out to your gynae?

I also took epidural, and mine was way less painful than the contractions, so it was OK. i dont actually recall it, so it mustve been very manageable. Gave birth at NUH.

which hosp is this? why are u shouting and screaming? is this because they cut your belly before the epidural take effect? did u feedback this to the doctor and hosp?

Hello mummy, I just had csect done days ago and the epidural pain was very minimal. I appointed Dr Yvonne Lim at Mt Alvernia. She is really skillful - fast and steady

2w ago

yes, got to inform your gynae of your preferred anaesthetist

I did mine with Dr Yvonne lim, didn't feel any pain .. she is fast and good. gave birth at Mt A.