My pregnancy journey

My first baby was born in 2009. I have pcos as such conceiving again was very hard. I tried for 13 years. So much of pain and disappointment. When I gave up, I conceived. I was 38 when I conceived again. The pregnancy journey wasn't easy due to my age etc. However, I'm still a very active person even when pregnant. When I was 31 weeks, 5 days, Christmas was nearing. I was so busy cleaning and dragging heavy items until I had an extreme pain at my lower abdomen. I immediately stopped all my work. I have a high pain threshold but I knew something was wrong. I decided to sleep the night off, thinking its a muscle strain. Next day pain was worse. Ard midnight, I went to A&E at Kkh. After monitoring me for 2 hrs etc, a swab (fetal fibronectin) taken. It was tested positive. Meaning, I'm at a risk for preterm labor! I could deliver anytime. I was so stress with the news. Mentally trying to prepare myself for child birth. Stayed for 2 days in kkh to observe any pain and I did have contractions here and there. The on duty Dr wanted to inject me with a steroid to mature the baby's lungs faster. I was skeptical about it. But my gynae was consulted and she decided to put me on progesterone pills instead to reduce the contractions. I kept telling my baby to stay inside. I read up alot n most cases were "reassuring" me that I might deliver 4 weeks or 2 weeks from there. But I managed to make it till 39 weeks. Sometimes u got to pray hard n talk to ur baby. It helps. I was supposed to be on bed rest but after a week upon being discharged, I went shopping for 4 hrs. Again, my pain started. I was extremely worried. I rested the whole day and the pain subsided. After that no more risking anything. I travelled by wheelchair if I had a need to go anywhere far. I went for my checkup on my 38th week. My gynae wasn't ard as such another gynae was taking my appointment. She was equally nice. She then told me I was already 3cm dilated and my baby was 3kg. She told me I can choose to admit myself and they will assist to break my water bag and labor starts or I can wait for my gynae who will be back in 3 days time. However things were not that simple. My baby's head was down but not engaged. If i break my water bag, chances of umbilical cord prolapse is there. Meaning, after breaking water bag, chances of umbilical cord coming out first rather than the head is there. I decided to wait for my gynae. I was very worried. Btw I've gestational diabetes as well. I emailed my gynae my concerns. She told me the decision was mine but she also expressed her concerns. So I decided to go ahead with it. But I told my gynae ill come in 2 more days later. I had contractions in between. I was so confused about the contractions and also worried what if my water bag breaks while I'm at home n the umbilical cord prolapses? Again I prayed and told the baby to stay in. N thankfully, he did. The actual day of delivery. I admitted myself at 9am and my gynae broke my water bag. I asked for epidural even before my pain started. So the doctor who puts epi came. She tried inserting the catheter 3 times but I screamed in pain. I don't remember my previous experience to even feel anything at all. I was so traumatised that I didn't want epi. I told her to leave. I was stressed. Another Dr came and said he will do it for me. But the earlier pain was still there. After hearing another roman screaming in labor, I decided to try again with the diff doc. Again I prayed real hard. This time, only very minimal pain was there. Thank god! But I had side effects of epi which I didn't have before. My whole body starting itching and I had some dizziness. I couldn't scratch cos I won't feel it but I can feel I'm itchy all over. Imagine ur feeling so itchy and u can't scratch but u need to endure that till the baby comes out. This was ard 1pm. Ard 3.30pm, I was dilated at 8cm already. Thankfully. Ard 4 plus, I was dilated 10cm and pushed for about 10mins then the baby came out. Greatest joy of my life. The most beautiful thing was lying on my chest looking at me. All went well. But the pain after epi, is not that easy. Being a woman takes alot of guts. N god chose his warriors. Whoever needs to hear this, you have got this! U can do it. Each pregnancy is diff, I wish all of u a smooth n healthy journey. #fetalfibronectin #gestationaldiabetes #epidural #vaginaldelivery #pcos

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Thanks for sharing ! you are a loving and strong mom. may I know who was your gynae at KKH? I am also 2nd time pregnant at the age of 39 and my first born was in 2007.

1y ago

Oh that's sweet. Similar to me. My gynae was Manisha Mathur. If u are considering epidural, pls think again. Its 4 months pp and I'm facing alot of probs from the epi

ahh you brave im just trying for a baby. i just scared of labor pain.

1y ago

thanks for the advice ♥️

Super Mum

Thanks for sharing Kavi! Inspiring testimony!

2y ago

My pleasure 😘

tk u kavi for the sharing..I needed this..

1y ago

That's lovely. Wishing u a safe n smooth delivery

Congratulations, mummy!!!