KKH 37+2 weeks

Exhausted really. I’m so close to birth. Today I woke up extremely different. I was extra tired, extra in pain, im talking about migraine, blurred vision, nausea, loss of balance, rib pains, my legs & arms, sometimes i feel like they weren’t there. I went over to KKH because ^^ it’s too much. No i didn’t head over thinking it was time for labor or anything i just wanted the pain checked out. I arrived to the urgent o&g, this is after they failed to pick up my called 3 times because idw waste my time coming down should it be ‘ normal ‘, told them briefly what was up, they brought me to the delivery suite, checked me for cervix dilation & all. Which was weird as i didn’t mention anything about labor. On 3 occasions i tried speaking to the nurse who bought me up, the counter nurse & the nurse who attended to me that I’m here for my pains & not for birth. Two sorta ignored me & asked for my details instead, 1 listened but told me to wait for the doctor. So then the doctor came, did the cervix check, so again i tried telling him what I was here for but instead was ‘ scolded ‘ for technically giving them the wrong impression that I was going into labor. He then just told me he’ll see me in my next appointment. Then i was sent to the counter for payment. So now I just got home, still in pain, still the same score pain of 8/10, probably thinking if I should head to NUH tonight should the pain persists. Would it be too late? Is my baby dying hence the pain? I don’t even know & im way too numb emotionally right now cause I’m just so tired.

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hi mummy no i don’t think your baby is dying and your pain gave the impression as many mummies go in for labour pains.. did you mention what kind of pain? the weight of the baby is straining your body so do rest well. if your pain score is 8/10 to be honest you won’t be able to type this! when i was in labour my pain score 6/10 and i couldn’t walk properly or talk in a sentence.

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