34 weeks and Sashimi

Hi. Im 34 weeks pregnant and dying to eat Sashimi frm the 1st time i gotta know that i was pregnant. Anyone knows if its safe fr me just satisfy my tastebud with some raw salmon?😭

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Personally, my advice will be to heed doc advice and dont eat raw stuff. I also wanted to eat salmon sashimi so badly occasionally and when I walk past jap restaurants...I know how u feel but as a mum, we need to sacrifice for our precious one and just eat cooked salmon or fish for now and tell urself to endure at least till after confinement (although for me i still avoid as much as I can as I am still breastfeeding...I rather be safe for baby than later all suffer eg baby gets infection or could be worst)..

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I’m in 2nd Tri and my gynae actually told me I can eat sashimi Already. Even told me to go ahead and enjoy the salmon in the louhei xD hes an experienced gynae with many years under his belt so I was also surprised to hear him say this, but I guess taking 1 to 2 pcs wouldn’t hurt as long as it has been handled properly. My mother would then ask me to drink hot water / tea right after eating the salmon haha

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I missed sashimi too and erring on the side of caution! I had two really bad occasions with food poisoning during the pregnancy (due to too oily/rich food) and I felt so terrible for a couple of days. the body is very sensitive with the foetal so I'm just holding it in till post birth! patience patience patience.

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I know of preg mums who doesn’t care and just take sashimi. So it’s up to your own individual decision and risk to bear. Of course can minimize the risk of contamination and food poisoning by ensuring the food handling is safe (eat at well known jap restaurants to serve fresh sashimi)

Had sashimi once or twice every mth since it was always my staple... But for every sashimi place I've been too, ill check with the chef it's frozen sashimi and prepared thawed. Gynae gave the green light too.. Just avoid high mercury fish

how about eating cooked salmon instead? smoked salmon and etc. i had bad cravings of sashimi throughout pregnancy too and i substituted it with cooked salmon and other food. better than nothing la. hahahah

Do check w doctor before you try. Raw sashimi may not be good for you and baby but you are due soon.. so it maybe fine. Just like doctor advise at this period maybe can drink coconut drink like that.

The concern with sashimi is usually salmonella. As long as it is from a reputable place and a small portion to satisfy your cravings, why not? This is also based on your own comfortability level.

Depends on you. I asked my gynae and she strongly discourage coz of food poisoning. But I read some mothers who just go ahead and eat and no problems.

you are already at your 34 weeks. just a few weeks more. why don't just hang on for a bit if you are unsure, don't do it