Milo in the morning

can drink milo everyday in the morning for bf at 15 weeks?

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I drank milo almost everyday during my first trimester cause I had no appetite for anything else. But best to drink maternal milk or fresh milk instead as milo is very sweet, to avoid getting gestational diabetes later.

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Sure! I had cravings. 3am up for an iced cold milo everyday till I gave birth.😂

for me i think as it part of the milk ingredient, even though milk is better

I’m at 6 weeks still drinking milo (the tin kind) but no condensed milk

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Yes. I drink it everyday with my second pregnancy. Its craving

Of course. I drink it from my first trimester until give birth


yes I drink lots of Milo everyday I think at least 2 bottle.

Aye. Helps w my supply too it’s like my milk boaster(:


Yes, i drink it every day.