Milo in 10 weeks of pregnancy

Hi am 10 weeks pregnant can I add milo in my diet? Can I drink atleast one cup in a day?

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I drank milo every single day during my first trimester. The only drink that somehow makes my nausea better. Now im 30 weeks pregnant. No GD. Heheh

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Yes I’ve been drinking Milo twice a day since young. Never once stopped even when i was pregnant. Currently 32 weeks and cleared the diabetes test!

Yes... i have been craving for milo since first trimester till now and i have a cup each day.

i drank milo everyday throughout pregnancy. Just i dont add any sugar

I drank milo almost every day. Haha

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Can. But I usually choose the one with no sugar.

milo high in sugar.. better to reduce

I always drink Milo o kosong when I'm craving

I drank milo through your my 1st trimester.

Can drink but take note of the sugar level.