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Do u drink bubble tea during pregnancy? How many times per wk? I crave for bubble tea but I try to limit once a wk.. but my nice husband always ask if I wan to drink because I've been vomiting & loss of appetite for past wks. I'm so tempted!

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It’s super high in sugar! I didn’t care during my early pregnancy , and drank a lot. Later on when I did the OGTT test and I was in danger zone . I regretted so much. Too much sugar is bad for your own health and baby . Also in the end if your baby become too big because too much sugar intake , you are going to have a hard time delivering it. So suggest take as little as you can, if want sweet staff just take food.

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I would say drink but in moderation Reduce the sugar level Or maybe choose the fresh milk options? Nowadays they have the avocado fresh milk... u can get your kick out from that too! Not as bad as the “normal” milk tea ;p

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I would suggest you to avoid bubble tea as much as possible as too much sugary cold drinks is not advisable for pregnant woman. If you really craving for it maybe you can request for warm bubble tea and moderate the intake.


Bubble tea is not exactly a healthy drink. If you are craving it, ask for the lowest sugar possible. Limit to at least once a week and stop once urge to drink disappears. Always drink in moderation

I drank almost 1-2 times a week during my last 2months of pregnancy (sudden craving!) I drank those with fresh milk and no sugar or less sugar. But make sure u cleared your diabetics check.

Ah. Dont drink too much! Not much nutrient from it and it will increases the risk of gestational diabetes... y dont take some milk instead?? Healthier choice and good for baby! : )

Ya I also try not to take so often, only when the craving really really kicks in! Because honestly, no nutritional value in bbt but we just love it haha

Tried limiting myself to once a week but it never works so i drag for as long as i can until i really cannot stand the craving for it anymore 😂

Try to avoid taking it regular, in moderation is fine. but in whole avoid taking the boba, rather take options like lychee, aloe

I drank ard once every 2 weeks but would try to go for reduced sugar options and do without the pearl (or try nt to eat all)