Bubble tea or Iced Tea

Hi Moms-to-be out there, do you drink bubble tea or Iced tea? I know some people still drink coffee regularly when pregnant but i’m more of a tea-lover. And i feel i cannot take in other drinks so i limit once a day. Is this alright?

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I'm a coffee lover but had to switch to tea when I found out I'm pregnant. I do take sips of my husband's coffee though to satisfy the craving. I drink tea at least a cup daily & bubble tea some times but with less sugar - 50%. You might want to be careful if you've not taken your glucose test yet.

1y ago

Good reminder on the sugar level

Super Mum

I think once a day is fine but try to limit your intake as baby gets the caffeine boost too!

Super Mum

i continued drinking bubble tea though not daily