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Is there any safer options to go for when ordering bubble tea from places like liho, playmade, etc? Cos I heard that I’ve to limit the caffeine intake. But if I order chrysanthemum/wintermelon milk tea, it’s too cooling. I totally don’t know what I’m allowed to drink. Please help this bubble tea fanatic out.

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I wouldn’t be concerned about caffeine in bubble tea, I would be really concerned about sugar! Winter melon tea sounds super sweet to me, it make of syrup right? I feel you can still drink bubble tea occasionally (if you don’t have GD), everything in moderation

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I often drink bubble milk tea or normal milk tea(from coffee shop) tea caffeine is much lesser than coffee itself. Just that my sugar level I reduce to the lowest. If cooling by right all type of tea no matter what tea all are cooling. So it’s depend on yourself.

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6mo ago

So true! Thank you! I still had my dose of btea today! 🙈

Everything in moderation! I think 1 cup of bbt is fine a day, maybe try to cut down to once a few days overtime? Also try to reduce the sugar content! So 0% or 25% sugar (if really need be).

i switch my bbt milk tea to brown sugar milk or fresh milk instead hehee ! or any chocolate drinks with pearl. but chocolate got caffeine so i drink in moderation hehee

bubble tea is safe if taken in moderation, meaning you don't take too much caffeine in a day. one cup every week is okay (:

Super Mum

How about the fresh milk options? Otherwise, if you’re drinking caffeinated tea occasionally, it’s fine…

I go for oolong or da Hong pao w Stevia to curb the craving. choose black tea over green.

6mo ago

Does black tea has less caffeine than green? How about red tea! ♥️ thanks a lot dear!

haha for me I quit coffee but still drink bubble tea occassionally

6mo ago

Same as me. I quit coffee. But tea at least one cup a day. BBT once a blue moon one cup.

Go for heytea they have the fruit version which is so good 😋😋

6mo ago

Thank you for your recommendations! I haven’t tried heytea before!