" My domestic helper's been an awesome help but can't continue. She's v close to my kids, in a good way. How do you "tell" your toddlers that auntie (domestic helper) is leaving and will not come back? My baby is only 2.

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Just tell them the truth. Even if very close they will get over it in a few days as they want the familiar person but at the same time they don't have that strong a memory and can be easily replaced by engaging them more with other activities or by other pple

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2years baby is ok to handle than toddler .. they forget fast few days may look for them after they easily forget .. don’t worry , even we try to tell also they don’t understand

Talk and keep talking and explaining again and again many times before she leaves. They will eventually understand.

You can just tell as it is, as I doubt your lo will be able to understand or remember. Just be honest:)

Be honest with them and tell them in a nice way. She is still too young to remember it Beyond few days

Talking helps them to have a better understanding. Baby may not know. But I think thats the only way

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They may not be able to understand but being totally honest with them is the way to go(:

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Just tell them auntie is going home. They will accept it very fast.

That young, it’s still ok for them.